Web hosting is the process of storing the website on web server that allows the website to be available on the World Wide Web. Web hosting is the process only by which a website is accessible to internet users. Therefore, once your website is completed and ready to start work, the next big step is to host it on the web.How to perform web hosting? Web hosting is a process that requires strong internet connection, properly conditioned infrastructure, supercomputer as server, high cost installation and maintenance.

Thereafter, you are able to web host your website. But rather than doing it yourself, it is far better, easy, convenient and economical to get web hosting services by private service providers.  There are several web hosting service providers available on internet that can be contacted in person or online. You can select any web hosting services after considering their services and your requirements.

How to select any web hosting service? There are numerous service providers available on internet providing web hosting services. A good web hosting service is based on certain criteria that are offered as different packages. Before selecting a web hosting services, you should first check these criteria and then select the best suited services. Following are the criteria that should be checked for ensuring an optimum web hosting service:

  1. Round the clock Uptime: Uptime is the time for which your website is available on internet for users. The best is that the website is available 24/7 for the internet users so that users across the world can access it anytime. For that make sure uptime is 99.9%.
  2. Storage: Every website needs to be stored on web server from where it can be accessed. As per your website load you need certain disk space. Before selecting a storage space keep in mind that you may need more storage in future, in case you expand it or to handle the traffic and content on website. For that you will need more space to maintain uninterrupted web hosting. That is why unlimited storage space should be selected in your web hosting package.
  3. Bandwidth: Bandwidth is the amount of data that a visitor requires to download your website. Moreover, if your website is of that type that there is a high number of visitors per day or a visitors scrolls many pages per visit, it means your website requires more bandwidth.

Generally, it is better to go for unlimited bandwidth to ensure uninterrupted service. Moreover, if you select a limited bandwidth but your usage goes beyond the limit you may have to pay penalty fee.

  1. Customer support: Web hosting service is directly linked to your website availability. If there comes any problem you have to contact the service provider. Therefore it is better to contract a web hosting service that also offer 24/7/365 customer support services.
  2. Upgrade of service: You are never certain that what you can require in future. Similarly, you may need to expand your business and website usage and for that you may need to change your service plan. Select a web hosting service that allows you to upgrade your current package anytime you want.

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