A website is the face of a business. It represents all about the business like what it sells, its reputation, policies, offers, events, etc. Today, every business, not entirely but most of it, depends on the success of its website.

A beautiful website full of information, details, images, etc. depends on a lot of factors for its success. To be successful, a website needs to be a well defined and user friendly so that a user finds it informational and useful. A user friendly website has many advantages associated with it.

  1. Easy navigation and orientation of a user friendly website allow a user to crawl through the website and know more about the business. That creates brand awareness among the potential users and convert viewers into users.
  2. Its accessibility to all age groups and disabled viewers offers it’s a wide audience and a preference over competitor websites.
  3. A well defined user friendly website offers FAQ, Help and support features that allow a user to get answer to their queries in real time and thus makes website helpful.
  4. Customers’ review, comments and feedback helps a business to monitor customer outlook towards the products and services of the company. Thus helps business to take appropriate steps for betterment. Also it builds a communication with customers.
  5. Through plug-in like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. user can share the links to their friends and colleagues, hence a website get its social media marketing done by its users.
  6. A well defined website proves to be cost effective in long run. It is easy to modify a user friendly website as per the requirement but to redesign a website costs more than before.

This way, a user friendly website draws more visitors to it and hence more sales to the business. This feature of website is mostly neglected in order to reduce the cost of website designing at the beginning but it is necessary for a website to be well defined user friendly to be successful.