For a business, it is very important to have a website of your business that is available on internet which is accessible to anyone. A Website can be created by any technical person or you can create it yourself also if you have knowledge of certain computer languages. Now you have a website. What to do next?

The next step is Web Hosting. Websites are meant to be viewed by people on the internet. For that, you need to introduce your website on the World Wide Web with a name called domain name. The process of introducing the website on the World Wide Web is called as Web Hosting. To define web hosting, it is renting an amount of space for the website on supercomputer called web server with a domain name.

You have to register a domain name for your website which should be easy to remember and relevant to your business, for e.g., Along with hosting your website on web server, web hosting is associated with bandwidth, email accounts, speed, security, 24x7x365 working and other things.

Though, you can do web hosting by yourself but it is far more economical and better to avail services of web hosting service providers. Different Web hosting service providers offer different packages and services. Thus, you have to select which web hosting services provider is best suited for your website and business.Following are the criteria given to keep in mind while selecting web hosting services:

Uptime: This is time for which your website is available on internet to the people. Obviously, you want that your business website is available 24x7x365 on the internet so that your business is always accessible to internet users. So it is best to opt for a web hosting service which provides your website 99.9% uptime.

Disk space: Like the space required saving any file on computer, disk space is the space required to save your website on server. If you are a beginner, than there are possibilities that your business will expand. Besides, internet marketing includes adding more and more content, in the form of images, videos, audios, text, to your website which will require more space. And based on the purpose and target of your business website, you need to secure some extra disk space for your website for further use.
In future if your website runs out of the disk space, you will be in emergency to switch service provider or change the plan. Hence to be on safer side, it is advisable to select unlimited disk space web hosting service.
Bandwidth: It is the amount of data that a user can download from your website. The amount of bandwidth your website requires can be calculated based on the estimated number of users visit your website daily or monthly. If your website needs more than the estimated bandwidth, then it will hamper users to reach the website and you have to purchase more and change the plan.Therefore, it is advisable to take the web hosting services which provides unlimited bandwidth.

24×7 Customer Support: If you face any problem regarding your website then only help you can get is from your web hosting service provider. In this case, it is best to live chat with the provider forimmediate solution otherwise you have to wait for their response to your complaint. Thus, select a web hosting service that provides 24×7 customer support throughout the year.

Additional Services: Always look for the additional services provided in the package like free domain name registration, online traffic statistics, online control panel so that you can manage your website. Email service is an essential part of your website, as it allows your viewers and customers to communicate with you. So, service providers with additional services included in their packages are more beneficial to hire.

Based on the above requirements you can select the best suited web hosting services for your website.