Online reputation marketing is a part of business marketing strategy often neglected one. For a small business where it has to improve and prove the quality of its products and services, it is also important to know what customer has to say to about this.

To upgrade the latest trend every business man is spending lakhs like websites, online business portal, customer care center, advertisement, SEO but only to reduce cost it neglects online reputation marketing. Now you will be wondering what online reputation marketing does.

Online reputation marketing (ORM), as its name suggests, manages your business’s online activities. It is dedicated to prevent any negative publicity or bad impression of your business. It manages, monitor and control that whatever comes from your side should show a positive affects on customers.

ORM first set a benchmark for your business to establish its current online position. Then this benchmark is used to quantify how the ORM is going- improving or not.

People nowadays spend hours on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc. there they share about the things they like and dislikes including products and services. Online reputation marketing also makes strategy to build your presence on these websites so that every detail, news, launches of your business could be available to visitors. Also it provides a platform to visitors and customers to feedback comment and share their experiences about your services or products. Here proactive ORM keeps an eye on their responses and if anything negative arises, it stops it there and converts it into positive mode by replying customers and satisfying them.

Online Reputation marketing tracks your competitor’s online activities too. If a competitor is improving such that it can overshadow yours or has done already, then ORM starts its work to create a better online ranking for you.

As a business man you have to ensure your business reputation, marketing strategy and scope for further modification in order to attain success. No one can handle criticism or bad words about their work, moreover, if it is leading you to a catastrophe. So it will be beneficial for you take advantage of this latest marketing strategy and rest assured about your business’s reputation.

For small businesses it can be too costly to hire professionals and spend hours and money to train them for online reputation marketing. Online reputation marketing can be outsource at a nominal price and will be a better option. There are service providers who have relevant expertise to perform these strategies.