You must be aware of the terms ‘Web Designing’ and ‘Web Developing’. These terms are in vogue in the world of business and marketing. Basically, web designing and web developing are the two processes  collectively necessary to create a website. Earlier a website was considered only by large business owner to provide people a platform where they can get anytime information about their businesses. But the technology has changed the whole scenario.

In the present scenario, no matter what is the size of a business or what type of business it is, a website is mandatory for its growth. The success of businesses largely depends upon their websites. It can be said that if the website becomes popular, it will surely enhance the business. Nowadays, website is being considered as an important marketing tool. Strategies are planned to make the websites popular among the internet users and encourage them to share the website among their friends.

To achieve and extract most out of a website, the strategies are made from the starting. It is the stage of web designing and web developing. Two of the most important strategies of web designing and developing are: to make it a user friendly and SEO friendly website. Once the website is hosted on internet, it is very difficult to make it user friendly and SEO friendly. Moreover, it costs more than website’s designing.
How does a good web designing and developing help a business to grow? Following are the strategies that are incorporated while designing and developing a website:
User Friendly Website: The first and foremost motive of a website is to be liked by its viewers so that they can be converted into customers. The content incorporated into the website is such that it appeals to viewers. It should be easy to understand, relevant to the purpose of website, informative and  catchy. Viewers do not pay much time to read or scroll the website, they just scan the content. So, such keywords oriented content is added that can easily be scanned.
Easy to Navigate and Fast Loading: First of all, if a website takes too long to load, it is closed by the viewer. Website is designed and developed with appropriate technology so that it is fast downloading and easy to navigate through the web pages, so that a viewer can get access to any information at a click.
Compatible to All Devices: Internet can be accessed by a number of devices like computer, laptop, mobile phones, tablets, etc. Thus a website is designed and developed so that it is compatible to view in all devices. It allows users to view your website on any device near to them.

SEO Friendly: No matter how good and attractive your website is, if it is not visible on search engine results, it is invisible to the viewers. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique to increase the visibility of your website on search engine results list. Whenever someone searches for a business or anything, same as yours, he uses search engine like Google. Here, only a SEO friendly website is selected by the search engine to show it in its results. That is how a viewer gets to know about your business.