Reputation is what you are considered in market. No matter how good your character is or how good your work is, anything that matters is your image or say reputation. To understand better, just imagine that you need a new mobile phone. You discuss with your friends and decide what brand you are going to purchase. Here, you didn’t try all of the brands but as per their reputation among your friends you chose the best one. That is what the reputation can do for a business.

With the technology evolved you don’t have to go anywhere to know anything, just to go online. A person usually types a word in search bar and among top few results which seems best is clicked and then reviews and comments are read for further information. He will surely close that or add more to bad comments. Now think, if this happens to your website how your business will survive?

Online reputation management deals with all online activities that create a negative picture of a business, its owner, services, products or even personal life. As all these can lead a business to a catastrophe and as a businessman one can’t affords this.

What and how online reputation management (ORM) works?


An ORM first check your online reputation and quantify it. Second, check throughout the World Wide Web if any bad impression of yours is being generated anywhere. It includes:

Check Google Suggest:  An ORM timely checks what Google has to suggest about you. If any negative suggestions are visible, it immediately takes apt steps to make it invisible on first few pages.

Online Comments:  ORM removes online complaints, comments, reviews post on any website by either answering responsibly or creating positive comments to overshadow the negative ones.

Videos, Images and Links: Any images or video real or fake and links to content that draw a bad picture of yours in viewer’s mind are immediately removed at the budding stage. ORM takes very steps necessary to give a clean reputation from requesting to take legal actions.

Privacy Security: Disclosure of any personal picture, videos or life event or past unpleasant experience can be embarrassing as well as reputation deteriorating. ORM deals with it very efficiently.

Promoting Online Reputation: Apart from taking remedial steps to any harm occurred to your online reputation ORM proactively participates in building and promoting it. It presents the brighter side of the business, services, replies up to the customer’s satisfaction, posting blogs and much more.

Online reputation marketing should be started from the beginning of online presence so that your online reputations remain up to the mark.