Businesses these days are no longer a matter of onsite function. Everything is done online. People, to save time, go online for any information, purchases, communication and any other businesses. Therefore it is necessary for a business to have a website. A website should be a map of what you serve or sell. Having a website that is full informational, attractive, truthful does not assure its success.

Yes! To be successful for a website it is necessary to be a SEO friendly website. SEO is basically a process of using strategies and tactics to create or modify your web content so that it gets a better ranking in the search engine listings and thus increase traffic to it. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. uses a tool called Search Spider to crawl the web for relevant websites.

So an SEO friendly website contains some basic component that makes a website visible on search engine listings. Some are:

  • creative web content
  • URL normalization
  •  page titles
  •  images with alt tag
  •  proper internal link navigation
  •  meta description
  • user-friendly menu navigation
  • keyword phrase
  • creative blogs
  • articles submission

When a prospective customer search for an item then rarely he go through all the search results but click first few results. If your website is on the list at higher rank then it will sure bring clicks to it.

Some benefits of an SEO friendly website are:

  • It takes your website at a higher rank in search results that draws several clicks and thus increases visitors to it.
  • It offers visitors a more relevant and accurate information about your business and thus creating more customers.
  • Feature like easy navigation, blogs, reviews are always preferred by user to get information before dealing with your business.

All these factors eventually lead your business to a hike. An SEO friendly website is thus critical for a business. There are many service providers on the internet from where you can outsource SEO. These are expert at creative writing and well known to the latest trends of search engine tracking.

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