Legal Translation Services

In past years, the legal industry has been limited in its expressions and operations. One of the major problems faced by law firms, legal practitioners, and even legal scholars is that of the language barrier. The restriction between a soaring legal career and a worldwide audience. Linguists and lawyers alike, have attempted to apply general […]

Medical Translation Services

As years run by, medical translation has become a more prominent and important sector of the life sciences. The daily need for medical documents and clinical trials to be translated is not just all that there is to medical translations. It impedes the problem of language barriers between medical practitioners, healthcare givers, pharmaceutical companies, and […]

English To Hindi Translation Services

India has grown immensely in their economy of opportunity. There have been an increase in work and businesses in the past few years. Many global companies are attempting to tap into that market and gain some clientele, but with the language barrier, some give up too quickly. With the proper translation service provider, this language [...]

List of Translation Companies in India

With the increase of different industries in India, there has been an uprising of translation services. With multiple other companies with translation services available, how do you know which one to choose? Here is a list of translation companies in India that you can look through and choose from. OFFSHORE ALLY Website localization, Desktop Publishing, [...]