India has grown immensely in their economy of opportunity. There have been an increase in work and businesses in the past few years. Many global companies are attempting to tap into that market and gain some clientele, but with the language barrier, some give up too quickly. With the proper translation service provider, this language barrier won’t hold you back anymore. Although, business owners need to find the right translator to help them keep in mind India’s cultural standards and beliefs.

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About the Hindi Language

The Hindi language is a standardized form of Hindustani. It was derived from North India and became standardized in the 19th century. In 1965 Hindi was made an official language by the Indian Constituent Assembly. Nowadays, on September 14th, people celebrate Hindi Day!.

Although, Hindi grammar can be a bit more complex than the English grammar that most of the population is used to. Hindi uses the Devanagari script, an ancient script developed in the 1st and 4th centuries CE. This means that it has more letters than the English alphabet, with 11 vowels and 33 consonants. Varnmala, or the garland of letters, is what the Hindi alphabet is called.

Cultural Considerations When Doing Business In India

India is a multilingual and multi-ethnic society with apparent differences from the North and South of India. To have your business succeed there, you need to have a deep understanding of the underlying local values and cultural beliefs.

Making the right impression is crucial in starting a business in India. Light business wear is acceptable, and women are meant to wear trousers suits instead of skirts. Handshakes are also a must, and you should always use formal titles when addressing someone. For gender-neutral titles, you would use the word “Ji.”

When attending business meetings, you should always greet the seniors first and if you exchange business cards, always be the one to receive the card first. Take the business card with your right hand and put it away respectfully. Small talk at the beginning of meetings is standard and a way to build trust. The base business decisions on trust and instincts, so creating a solid relationship with your contact can be crucial for the success of your business. If you are too pushy and go straight to business topics, this can be perceived as rude.

Benefits Of Having A Professional Translator In Business

You may think that getting one of your relatives or friends to do your business’ translation work will save you so much money, but it could cost you much more in the long run. Getting a non-translator to help with your business can put your business at risk of failure. Your content won’t be translated with the accurately translated message you want to send to your clients. Here are some benefits of hiring a professional for your business translation needs.

High-Quality Translation

You need someone with experience to translate the technical and complex content of your business accurately. A professional translator will have years of experience under their belt and know the technical terms needed to translate the information correctly to your clients. Accuracy is critical, especially when it comes to medical, law or any other important subjects. Consistency is also crucial because you want all your information to flow together.

Translation With Cultural Values In Mind

When hiring a translator, you want to find someone who has a deep understanding of the cultural values of where you want to expand your business. Localization and the core values of the area you need to translate your content to language are crucial to have someone who can incorporate those things in with your content and have it be accurate and well put together with your brand’s message intact.

Proper Resources

With a professional translator, you know they will have access to all the right resources to help them translate your content correctly and consistently without fail. You won’t lose on quality, and they can help boost your service or product to the locals with the tools they have. Not only are you getting access to those resources from them, but you are also getting access to their expertise. They will know what will work best for you and your company.

Deep Knowledge Of The Language

Expanding your business into new territory can be a very stressful task because you are not sure what the locals in that area like and dislike or what’s trending. Having a professional translator on your team gives you a huge advantage to that information. Translators need to have a deep understanding of the localization details as a skill for them. Choosing one that those have that kind of expertise in the area you want to expand in can help your company grow in the area and get new clients.

Providing Hindi Language Translations

Here at Offshore Ally, we can provide you with professional translation services from Hindi to English. So don’t let the language barrier stop your business from communicating accurately to your potential Hindu clients. With our expertise, you will have all your content, documentation, and information translated precisely to what your business brand stands for while considering cultural beliefs and localization.

With all the cultural differences, there is a lot to consider before expanding your business into India. Not only knowing the language but having a deep understanding of their cultural values and beliefs can be crucial to your business. At Offshore Ally, we have the professionals on hand that are just right for your business and helping you connect with the people and their culture.