Dedicated Link Builders

Why hire a dedicated SEO Virtual Assistant

Our link builders are experienced, creative and energetic people who work to develop ways that will streamline traffic to your website. These link building skills are used to assist internet businesses with the tasks related to SEO, marketing and assisting the company to increase sales.


There are many benefits related to employing a virtual link builder to help you build links to your website.

Virtual link builders, because of their knowledge and expertise in the area of link building and SEO, have the ability to ramp up your link building process while strictly following your guidelines. Their expertise involved being trained and retrained along with changes SEO techniques and link building, with ways that can help you build links and promote your website to areas that would not be thought of by someone that is inexperienced in the field or does not keep up with the changing times. For a normal layman, link building can be time consuming and costly. Whereas if a virtual link builder took on these duties, it would free of the owner of the company to be able to expand his/her horizons freely without the need to increase overhead that would become costly and defeat the purpose of owning a business. Because virtual link builders are trained on this specific job better, this provides you better results with your link building campaigns, thus insuring higher rankings and more business.



Most of the time when a company decides to employ person into a new position at a company, it comes with costs related to that employee such as the need for an office, office equipment, benefits, insurance, and other employee related costs. With a virtual link builder that is not housed in your office, the accountability for this person now becomes that of the company that you hire to take on the task. This eliminates the need for the extra overhead costs that might be incurred.

A lot of time and effort goes into training a virtual link builder to gain the skills needed to be efficient in their job. These skills and education acquired are time consuming and costly for the average person who owns a internet marketing website, and could also cause them frustration leading them to give up all efforts in hopes of building their customer base. With a virtual link builder, they are there to save you the time and the effort that would be placed upon you. They are there to handle all of the time consuming link building duties that would be performed and with their skills and creative techniques, can increase traffic to your site, thus earning you a larger profit.

Contrast with Freelancers

Ok, so you might be thinking of employing a Freelancer instead of our dedicated link builders to perform the same duties. Well, although that might sound like a good idea, there are some draw backs.

The most important reason why a Freelancer should not be a choice over a Virtual link builder is that they are not trained in the skills needed to perform their duties as are virtual link builder. While virtual link builder are trained on the job and can start your link building campaign as per your instructions, freelancers normally require a lot of training and most of the time they won’t stick with you for long.

Another related issue is in hiring. To hire a virtual link builder, the maximum time to do so is approximately 20 minutes. Whereas to hire a freelancer, you would first need to verify their references, look at their past work, decide on a contract price, determine when payment would be made, etc. Time is money when it comes to owning a business, and with the decision to hire a freelancer versus a virtual assistant, would take approximately 10 to 12 hours that is not out of one day. The time to determine which freelancer is right for you would take several days!

The next thing you would have to look at is commitment. Are they totally committed to working on your site alone or is the freelancer working for many companies at the same time. When you hire a virtual link builder, you are placed with one that is there to work exclusively for you. A freelancer on the other hand, usually is employed by more than one company at the same time.

Quality of work

Let’s explore the quality of work for a minute. With a virtual link builder, you are guaranteed work that is of expert quality and on a continual basis. All deadlines are met, sometimes faster than projected as well. With a freelancer, you are sometimes forced to extend deadlines because they often tend to take on more jobs then they can complete at one time. Extending deadlines causes you more money, more time, and less profits! Virtual link builder can focus on one job at a time, thus eliminating any distractions that can cause them to fail. There are very skilled in what they do whereas a freelancer will often take on more projects if they are getting more money than what you are paying them, causing them to lose focus on your task at hand in order to get the job done faster so they can move on. Also with freelancers, there is the need to renew contracts as needed sometimes in order to complete the job if deadlines were not met.

Virtual link builder build up such a personable relationship with you that you no longer have to seek other places for help in completing your administrative duties related to your internet marketing business. With a freelancer on the other hand, there are only short term relationships made with the need re-hire once the project is completed. Again, this involves times, money and loss of profits while waiting.

Cost Effectiveness

As mentioned before, virtual link builder are located out of the United States. Wages are far less than the standard wages in America. At Offshore Ally, you get link virtual builders for a fixed rate of less than $4.22 per hour and it never varies. In the states, freelancers are usually employed starting at $10 per hour but this amount changes drastically depending on the type of project that they are working on. So, with this in mind, an internet marketers can project and plan ahead for their budget costs, thus giving them ability set budget constraints early in the year, allowing them to work a virtual link builder into their SEO campaigns.

Tasks your virtual link builder can do

  • URL Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Forum Posting
  • Blogging and Blog Commenting
  • Keyword Research, Keyword Analysis and Keyword Optimization
  • Basic Data Entry
  • Social Bookmarking and Social Media Marketing

Packages And Pricing

Hire a full time link builder
160 hours per month @ 4.22 USD PER HOUR
Hire a part time link builder
40 hours per month @ 5 USD PER HOUR

How to hire

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