We provide a range of support services, you can see some of the major services below. We also take on custom services and jobs, please feel free to contact us for any of them.

Order Taking Service from Offshore Ally

Customer-Order-Taking-Outsourcing-300x200No matter what type of product or service it is that you are offering, it is important to have a corresponding e-commerce website which processes orders for you. Or, you can take the old fashioned route of having support lines wherein an order taking representative will answer the calls and process the orders for your product.


Let’s say that you are selling an original product, and an infomercial about it was just recently shown on television. Rather than hiring staff to answer the influx of calls and take in orders for you, it would be much easier if you will take advantage of the order taking services that we offer.

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Outsource Customer Email Support To Offshore Ally

customer-email-support-outsourcing-300x189These days, it has become a requirement for all businesses to have a website along with an e-mail address where customers can get in touch with them. When you have a significant number of customers who are making inquiries through e-mail, it is possible for the e-mail messages that you will receive on your business account to pile up.


If you want to offer superior customer service to your clientele, then you need to make sure that any e-mail inquiry that will be sent out to you is answered promptly, with a friendly yet businesslike approach to the way that the message is written.

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24 Hour Help Desk Services From Offshore Ally

helpdesk-support-desk-outsourcing-300x194For a customer, nothing is more frustrating than having to wait for more than a couple of minutes on the other end of the phone line just so that they can get their billing information or ask a simple question. For any other inquiries, they might get the information on your business’ website first; but for questions that they cannot find an answer for, customers need to know how to get in touch with you.


This is exactly the reason why you need to have a Help Desk which will answer all customer inquiries, process orders or payments, answer sales-related questions or address technical problems; all on a 24/7 basis. When you’re a company offering excellent customer service, your clients and even your direct competitors will think highly of you. Not only that, but prompt responses to customer inquiries also helps boost sales, create brand awareness, harness customer trust and loyalty; which will all benefit your business in the end.

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Hire Customer Service Staff from Offshore Ally

outsourcing-customer-service-200x300Whether you own a small, medium or large-scale business, one of the most important things that you need to have is superior customer service. No matter which type of industry it is that you are in, it is crucial to the success of your business to answer customer inquiries promptly, efficiently, and in a friendly yet professional manner.


But how are you supposed to achieve all this without having to expensively hire and train a team of customer service representatives? That is where the services that we offer at Offshore Ally come in.


Basically, we can serve as a third-party provider of the customer support-related services that you need to deliver top-notch assistance to your clients. Instead of having to spend thousands of dollars in hiring and training your own team of customer support agents, you can hand over the job to us and experience great cost savings from your company resources. At the same time, we deliver unparalleled customer service and use tools developed with top notch technology – so you will be as satisfied as your customers from the quality of services that we will deliver.

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Live Receptionist Feature from Offshore Ally

live-receptionist-assistant-outsourcingAs a business owner, have you ever considered how your company will operate if there is no receptionist to answer or screen your calls for you? Remember that when customers, clients and business partners get a hold of your office number, they expect to speak with a friendly receptionist who will direct their calls and answer their inquiries accordingly.


Let’s say that you already are employing an efficient receptionist. As an employee, your receptionist will naturally be entitled to take lunch breaks, go on sick leaves or vacation leaves, and only operate during the normal office hours.

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