We understand your concerns regarding buying online, hence we are transparent with our refund policies.

One time services like article submission, directory submission etc are non-refundable unless the work is not provided in the scheduled time period. If you have concerns regarding any of the services or the quality of services then we suggest you to ask for us for samples of past work before you order.

For recurring services like Virtual Assistant, Dedicated link builder, SEO services etc we will refund you the charges for unused amount of the services in first 15 days. E.g. you paid USD 800 for a monthly recurring service and used the services for 10 days. We will refund you for the next 20 days. If you are unsure then please ask us for trial periods. We can setup trial periods for you to evaluate our services.

You can pay us through paypal/credit card or bank account on Plimus. All payments are done through https://www.plimus.com/. Plimus is a trusted third party payment processor. Please make sure that the payment URL starts with https://

If for any reason you are not sure about making a payment, please feel free to contact us and discuss it with us, we assure you that we will be completely fair.

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