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The evolution of information technology has taken the globe to a whole new level. The lives are now unimaginable without technological interference. The progression in the field has been extremely drastic. From switching off the blender via mobile phone to many other luxuries are the gifts of radically improved IT industry. In recent years the growth in the IT industry has depleted its pace. However, the future predictions are again pointing towards significant growth. The documentation to the product manual, whether online or offline, is now available in different languages. The target market could be very distinct from the place of production; thus, having in-depth knowledge is another primary requirement. Offshore Ally understands the needs of the industry. Along with the team of mother-tongue level experts, we offer highly professional delivery.

Services we provide:


Documentation Translation

The essential part of any company is to describe the product and specifications accurately. Offshore Ally provides a team of linguistic professionals that have extensive experience in the field. They take care of the terminology and accurate usage of words. The translation of documentation in multiple languages helps in getting a clearance while importing-exporting in various countries.


Customer Support Translation

The IT industry is has grown very diligent in terms of customer care. Most of the websites have incorporated chat sessions where they keep the FAQs intact to provide immediate support to their customers. The translation services help in resolving the issues of all kinds of customers. We, at Offshore Ally, have a team of experts who have specialization in providing support for the customer chat sessions.


Website Translation

The information technology industry has mostly provided complete support via the web portal. They consider the website as a critical part of their existence. The same is required to be translated in order to increase global clientele. Our linguistic proficients have awareness about the terminology used in the IT department. We make sure the translation is full-proof.


Application Translation

The application usually has language options, whether of the IT industry or any else. The multi-language option generalizes the application and makes it more user friendly. The only point to take care in app translation is accuracy. The translator should have expertise in precision, or else the application would fall flat. At Offshore Ally, we allocate the work to experts and conduct multi-level proofreading and editing sessions.


AI training Translation

We, at Offshore Ally, provide linguistic professionals that have complete knowledge about artificial intelligence. The translation of AI training needs a senior translator due to the difficult terminology. We make sure the final delivery is error-free.

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