Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to e-commerce and online business operations. It’s how companies ensure that consumers can find them online easily when they’re looking for related information. Yet, SEO is multi-faceted and it can present a challenge to companies sometimes. This is especially true when you’re trying to navigate SEO in multiple languages. That’s where Offshore Ally comes in to help!


Multi-Lingual SEO


SEO is crucial to businesses because it’s how consumers can reach them without the business necessarily using direct advertising. Instead, companies rely on SEO so that when consumers are searching for something like a product or service, they come up in the results. This offers them natural leads from taking steps such as using the right keywords and phrases, carefully designing a website, and more.


Language is one of the biggest barriers that is faced by those in the marketing industry – especially when it comes to SEO. There are more than 2,700 spoken languages in the world, broken into more than 7,000 dialects. Not only are there thousands of languages, but there are also countless nuances in the way that culture impacts language. Language patterns and behavior vary widely across the world, making it difficult for companies to use one SEO strategy. By using single language SEO, your company will miss out on international opportunities to expand its influence in other countries and via e-commerce.


The keywords and phrases that SEO uses don’t just need translating either. Depending on local dialects, slang, and online practices, the way that one language interacts with a search engine may be completely different from another. This is why it’s so important to do more than translate the words but to have intimate knowledge of the demographic that your company is reaching out to as well. This is something that Offshore Ally can help with – we will boost your SEO rankings to help you succeed in other countries.


Importance of Multi-Lingual SEO


Multi-lingual SEO is, above all else, important to reaching demographics with varying languages. As e-commerce expands, this is especially important since businesses don’t have to rely solely upon their local communities for profitable interaction. For example, someone using a search engine isn’t necessarily looking for a brick-and-mortar store near them to visit. They’re also looking for companies that they can interact with online from the comfort of their home.


To take advantage of this global access, though, and to achieve international success, companies have to expand their SEO efforts beyond a single language. This is where multi-lingual SEO comes into play to help companies make the most of these opportunities.


Not only can multi-lingual SEO increase sales, but it can also reduce business costs. Difficulties in translation can have a negative impact on sales costs, which are driven up by hard selling. For one, the more effective SEO is, the more consumers find a business naturally and the less direct advertising the company has to spend on.


Multi-lingual SEO is also important because the localization of language changes what specific words and phrases should be used. This doesn’t just mean directly converting a word or phrase from one language to another. It also means using local slang and wording.


Think of all the synonyms that many languages have. In English, one person might look up “cheap” services while another might look up the word “bargain.” Idiocyncricies like this change the exact way SEO is used from place to place. This is something that a multi-lingual SEO expert is able to help your company prepare for. Not only should the language be translated, but the language should also be localized and specialized. Otherwise, you’re likely to see a lower conversion rate in alternative languages compared to the native language it was translated from by the SEO expert.


How Multi-Lingual SEO Can Open Up New Markets


  • Your Content Is More Searchable – SEO makes your content easily searchable. If a consumer looks up a keyword or key phrase related to the services or products your business offers, your content will come up. However, if these keywords and SEO efforts are only in English, you’re greatly limiting the demographic you can reach. People who speak a different native language are likely to search for terms in their native language. If you want to come up with these results, you’ll need to invest in multi-lingual SEO.
  • SEO Offers Better User Experience – People who speak different native languages are likely to have an easier user experience when they interact with a website in a language that they’re the most familiar with and fluent in. Since a part of SEO relates to user experience and how long and effectively users interact with your website. By making this SEO effort multi-lingual, you cater to a wider audience that’s likely to interact with your business.
  • Multi-Lingual SEO Can Save On Costs – When you have effective SEO, there’s more of a chance that clients and customers will find your site through search engines. The more likely that consumers are to find your site on their own, the more your company can save on inbound lead generation strategies such as ads or pay-per-click methods. It can also save you time on options such as cold calls and direct selling.
  • Better SEO Means Better Credibility – At the end of the day, most users on search engines on Google don’t look past the first few results. In addition, they tend to trust results that are higher up in a list of search results because they seem trustworthy and are often the most closely tied to the information they’re looking for.


Why Choose Us

Here’s why Offshore Ally can best help you with multi-lingual SEO services:


  • SEO Experts Ready to Serve You – When you work with Offshore Ally, you can rest assured you’re putting your company in the hands of SEO experts that know their trade in and out. Not only are they here to translate your content from one language to another, but they’re also ready to help you optimize it.
  • We Keep Localization In Mind – When it comes to multi-lingual SEO, there’s more than just translation to consider. Our SEO experts pay attention to the details such as the specific slang of the demographic you’re reaching out to and the online patterns that other languages and cultures practice. This heightens the success rate that your company’s SEO practices are likely to see in a new language and presented to a new demographic.
  • Quick Responses – Businesses depend on their online presence to drive up conversion rates and boost profits. Offshore Ally realizes that they don’t have unnecessary time to waste. That’s why our professionals make sure to work with you to offer prompt results.
  • High-Quality SEO Practices – Above all else, we offer you the best SEO results. Working with us, you’re sure to see a successfully expanded online presence in multiple languages. We’ll help you find the SEO practices that are best for your business and will work in multi-lingual use.


If you want to take advantage of the benefits of multi-lingual SEO, Offshore Ally has a lot to offer! From quick and thorough service to SEO that reaps results, our company is here to help you with all of your multi-lingual SEO needs.