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The proportion of traffic flowing directly to a website is dependent on so many factors. Good contents, beautiful graphics, downloadable videos and user friendliness of websites are factors which can determine the amount of traffic an online business can generate. However, there are millions of websites on the internet having great contents, beautiful graphics and other great offer but which are not generating traffic. On the other hand, there are socially optimized websites that constantly generate traffic. The resultant effect of this is very significant on the goals and objectives of such sites in terms of revenue generation and increase in profitability.


There are many options available which you can explore to increase your website traffic and one of these is Social Media Optimization. Social Media Optimization (SMO) is quite similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but it is different. While SEO primarily focuses on organic search, SMO is tailored towards social media platforms.


What is Social Media Optimization and how is it of benefit to my business? SMO is the strategy of utilizing the traffic been generated by social media platforms to create awareness about your online business in order to increase your sales revenue or any other goal you seek to achieve with increase in traffic. Therefore, for you to stay on top of your market, you must ensure that your website is socially optimized.


Although a large traffic is been generated by giant search engines like Google and Yahoo, these organic search can be said to be too general and people seeking for a product or service are relying more on what their social contacts are recommending. This is why you too much tap into these traffic been generated by social medias.


Social media optimization is therefore a strategy you can effectively utilize in order to boost your website traffic. You stand to gain a lot from social media optimization. The resultant benefits that are associated with social media optimization have being recognized by numerous websites and these websites are surely attaining the goals and objectives they have set in this regard.


How often do you get reviews on your product and service? This is a strategic question that website owners are not taking with levity. The revenue they generate from their site is directly attributable to the products and services they are offering to their customers. Hence, SME enables you to get product and service reviews from these social platform. The feedback you are able to provide will have a tremendous effect on your website (as a brand) and also on your products and services.


SME also enables you to quickly factor in current tastes and preferences into what you are offering. So while your competitors are busy cracking their heads on what next to do or offer, you would have already gotten an idea of what is trending and catching in on this on time will not only put you ahead of your competitors, but your position as a leader in your niche can be guaranteed.


Why should you therefore partner with Offshoreally? You have the assurance that your presence on social media platforms will be well planned, monitored and managed effectively and efficiently by our team of seasoned SME experts. With Offshoreally, it is certain that your website will soar above the level of your competitors. Join us and you will see how effectively and efficiently your website can be profitably transformed through our Search Media Optimization service.