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outsourcing-customer-service-200x300Whether you own a small, medium or large-scale business, one of the most important things that you need to have is superior customer service. No matter which type of industry it is that you are in, it is crucial to the success of your business to answer customer inquiries promptly, efficiently, and in a friendly yet professional manner.


But how are you supposed to achieve all this without having to expensively hire and train a team of customer service representatives? That is where the services that we offer at Offshore Ally come in.


Basically, we can serve as a third-party provider of the customer support-related services that you need to deliver top-notch assistance to your clients. Instead of having to spend thousands of dollars in hiring and training your own team of customer support agents, you can hand over the job to us and experience great cost savings from your company resources. At the same time, we deliver unparalleled customer service and use tools developed with top notch technology – so you will be as satisfied as your customers from the quality of services that we will deliver.


A Complete Line of Customer Support Mediums from Offshore Ally

Offshore Ally delivers a complete line of customer support mediums which include the following:


Live Inbound/Outbound Call Center Services

The customer service representatives who your customers talk with over the phone are essentially your ‘first line of defence’, so to speak. Since they are the ones that customers directly talk to, you should see to it that every phone call – no matter how short or long – leaves a good impression to the customers.

Here at Offshore Ally, we have a team of customer service representatives who are trained to take both inbound and outbound live calls.

Live Chat Representatives

During the time that your customers cannot or would not like to get to a phone line, they need an alternative ‘live’ agent to answer their inquiries. A perfect alternative customer support tool to integrate in your website is live chat. We also offer this feature at Offshore Ally, and our live chat representatives are trained to answer inquiries in an instant messaging environment real time, efficiently and professionally.


Prompt E-mail Responder Staff

Finally, we have a team who will promptly respond to the e-mail messages that you are receiving through your business website. Whether it’s a simple Frequently Asked Question inquiry or a complex technical problem inquiry, you can rest assured that our e-mail responders can reply to e-mail messages in a way that will impress your customers.


In addition to having a complete line of customer support mediums, we also perform work monitoring, customer satisfaction surveys and product training in case there are any updates about your business that the customer service representatives need to be aware of. Get in touch with us now at Offshore Ally to learn more about the best-quality standards that we enforce in helping you deliver excellent support to your customers.


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