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As a business owner, have you ever considered how your company will operate if there is no receptionist to answer or screen your calls for you? Remember that when customers, clients and business partners get a hold of your office number, they expect to speak with a friendly receptionist who will direct their calls and answer their inquiries accordingly.


Let’s say that you already are employing an efficient receptionist. As an employee, your receptionist will naturally be entitled to take lunch breaks, go on sick leaves or vacation leaves, and only operate during the normal office hours.


live-receptionist-assistant-outsourcingHowever, if you would like your business’ operations to work on a 24/7 basis – especially when you are expanding, it becomes almost impossible for one receptionist to handle the brunt of the work. This is where the live receptionist services that we offer here at Offshore Ally proves to be extremely useful.

More about Offshore Ally’s Live Receptionist Services

Should a customer happen to call your office at odd hours, they would be extremely frustrated if they do not get an answer, or if their call is forwarded to an answering machine. Offshore Ally’s live receptionist services will help eliminate the risk of frustrating a customer because we deliver 24/7 services.


Even when a prospective client calls during lunch time, they would think that they are calling your office directly and that the call is answered by the receptionist in your office – when it is really one of our staff at Offshore Ally who handles the calls.


Here are the other benefits that you will get to enjoy as a business with our live receptionist services:

  • Establish a professional image for your company. With the help of a tool that our trained agents use called AnswerPhrase, a customized greeting is what your customers will hear once they dial your office’s number.
  • Enjoy huge cost savings by outsourcing your live receptionist service needs to Offshore Ally.
  • Have a live receptionist answer calls directed to your office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Have a live receptionist screen calls, transfer urgent and important calls to the proper person or department, and provide a detailed message using your preferred message delivery method.
  • The effort and time that you will save on having a live receptionist from Offshore Ally answer and screen your calls for you can be better spent focusing on your company’s core operations.

With all these benefits and more, there’s no doubt that getting the live receptionist service offered by Offshore Ally is something that is a must-have for your business.

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