Hiring A Virtual Assistant?

With over 3 years of experience in handling virtual assistant services, Offshore Ally understands the uncertainity of the first time Virtual Assistant hiring as well as concerns of clients who have suffered because of wrong hiring choices. Hence, at Offshore Ally we try to ensure that your our staff meets your expectations from your Virtual Assistant.


 Our virtual assistants work with you in your comfortable time zone and our dedicated towards your work only. We don’t bind you into any contracts and the service is provided on month to month basis. You can communicate with your virtual assistant thru email, skype, IM or phone as per your convenience.


We have streamlined our processes so that you can be working with your Virtual Assistant in less then 24 hours. Also, in case you are not happy with your virtual assistant we will provide you with a replacement as well as the option to cancel the services

Why Hire Us?

v1Real Time Monitoring
We are the ONLY company to offer a real time monitoring software (FREE) so that you can see what your Dedicated Virtual Assistant is doing. If you ever hired a VA before you will understand how difficult it is make them accountable for their billing period but our TimeTrackingPro software, you have a full control over them.
v2Flat Rates & Hours Rollover
Need to hire a part time Virtual Assistant? Our flat rate policy allows you to hire a VA for a flat rate of 5 USD per hour. We don’t charge you more for lesser number of hours! Further we understand that your needs may vary from month to month, so we have an hours rollover policy so that you can utilize your unused hours next month.
v3 Qualified & Trained Virtual Assistants
We understand your business rely on the services provided by our Virtual Assistant, our VA’s are hired after stringent recruitment process to ensure you get the best people. Further, if you are not satisfied with your VA, we will let you interview other people on team.

v4Robust Infrastructure With Backups 

 Unlike work from home Virtual Assistants, our company has a robust infrastructure with full backups including redundant internet lines and power backups so that you don’t miss out on your deadlines.

v6You Save A Lot Of Money 

You don’t have to pay:* Holiday Pay
* Sick Leaves
* Retirement Benefits
* Furniture and Computers Costs
* Recruitment Costs
* Employee Insurance


How It Works?

Aqua-Complete 500


Clients & Testimonials

Just to show you that we do know what we’re doing, here are a few testimonials from our clients who have tried out our services and know where we stand.



– Sean Morrisy,



Excellent work! Fast, professional, and went above and beyond the requirements of the project! Moved us up 40 places in Google in under 2 months! Will continue to use and recommend!

– Josh,




Working with Nitin has been a great experience. He has always been available to talk about our project and been very open to both my suggestions as well as my concerns. I would strongly encourage others to contract Nitin for any of your projects as I can assure you that you will not be let down. I am sure that I will come back to Nitin for many more projects in the future.

– Andy,



We have dealt with other companies overseas in the past and have had language and/or time barriers. Working with Nitin is like working with someone in the same city. He is always available and his English is perfect. Communication is done via Skype and email, and Nitin is always very responsive.

Mr. Fergussion,



How to hire

You  can use this contact us form or chat with us directly. We can help you setup the order as well as answer any queries that you might be having.

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