tick_32 Our Virtual Assistants Can Help You Focus More On Your Business Growth.
tick_32 You save time so that you can spend extra with your family or hang around with your friends.
tick_32 You save a lot of money on setting up office and hiring local staff.
tick_32 You can take more challenges and opportunities with the free time that you get.
tick_32 Your business setup looks more professional and elegant.
tick_32 You have a helper available to you all the time.

 What is the infrastructure available?

All our computers have at least an Intel Dual Core Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Disk. We have two parallel E1 lines ending at our server and the bandwidth is divided in 1:8 ratio. (Please note that your VA won’t get same exact speed as you get due to lag times between India and US).

How To Hire

You  can use this contact us form or chat with us directly. We can help you setup the order as well as answer any queries that you might be having.

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