FAQ On Virtual Assistants

Q. What is the minimum contract period for Virtual Assistants?
A. There is no fixed minimum contract period. You can hire a Virtual Assistants for a period of one month and you can retain them for lifetime. We are perfectly ok with it.


Q. What are the setup charges for Virtual Assistants?
A. As of now, there are no setup costs for a Virtual Assistants. You can pay for one month and try them out for an entire month at your convenience.


Q. Will you replace an agent if I am not satisfied?
A. Yes, if you unsatisfied with your agent, send us an email and you will be placed in touch with a supervisor. We will try to identify the issue and assign someone to you as per your need. Sometimes, its the same agent, who just needed a some more guidance or counselling.


Q. What are the normal working hours?
A. Your agents are available between the timing discussed with you. If you have any special requirements, you can discuss it with us and we will let you know the best solution.


Q. Will my virtual assistant be able to read/write in English?
A. These people have been studying English as their second language for their entire life. English is the second most popular language in India. However, English is still their second language, they can only read/write basic English. You can use them for forum posting, blog comments etc, however they won’t be able to do article writing kind of jobs. You can communicate with these people in plain English. They can very easily read and follow instructions. However, try to avoid idiomatic expressions and local slang. If it helps you evaluate the level of English then this FAQ has been written by a virtual assistant.


Q. What kind of training do these Virtual Assistants have?
A. These people are computer literate. They have also gone through our comprehensive training. They have been trained to follow instructions. If you ask them to make phone calls or research a database they can do that easily. However, don’t expect them to do your school assignment or design your marketing plan for you. They are not experts and won’t be able to do thinking for you.
For tasks like research, its better if you prepare stepwise instructions or videos for them. You can prepare reporting templates and assign it to them.


Q. Do I have direct access to my Virtual Assistants?
A. Yes, you can contact them via email or phone or your choice of instant messenger during office hours.


Q. Is my data confidential? How do we make sure that my details are safe with my Virtual Assistants.
A. Any information that you share or is produced for you shall remain your property. Neither the company nor the employee is authorized to sell, transfer or use the work produced to any third-party entity. In addition, we have setup checks to make sure that your data does not goes past our workstations. Our employees also sign an Non disclosure agreement as well as a confidentiality agreement with us at time of joining.


Q. How do I track the work done and number of hours worked.
A. Each Virtual Assistants is supposed to submit a report to us at the end of the day detailing the work hours utilized. We highly recommend that you ask your Virtual Assistants to submit a daily report to you. We will emphasize that you give 10-15 minutes to carefully go through the report. This report will give you an exact track of work hours utilized. If you want a customized report, you can ask your Virtual Assistants to do so.


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