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Offshoreally Web hosting Services

If you are new to web hosting, this article will clear any doubts you have for working with offshoreally. Offshoreally provides the best web hosting services online today. With every business opening up a website to reach a larger client base, they require web hosting services in order for the websites to work properly. So, what is web hosting and how does it help your business.

Offshoreally provides various web hosting services. There are a couple of distinctive web hosting packages such as cloud hosting, co location hosting, Vps hosting, semi dedicated server hosting and shared hosting among others. These packages are unique and it all depends on your business model. For example, big businesses with numerous websites would be interested in a different hosting plan from small businesses that accommodate a couple of visitors per day. Here are some packages offered at offshoreally

Shared hosting

This is the most common hosting plan for small businesses. Web hosting companies own numerous servers which they use to ensure that your website is running properly. One server can serve thousands of websites and therefore small businesses share a server under this plan which costs less than $10 per month.

Dedicated server hosting

For bigger businesses, they can opt for this plan. This plan allows you to hire an entire server for your website. This will cost you just above the $100 mark per month.

Semi dedicated server hosting

This plan is just like shared hosting but offshoreally makes sure that you share the server with few customers.

Cloud hosting

Again, this may not be needed by small websites and blogs. This kind of plan is dedicated to big websites such as Google and facebook that need more than one server. So why work with offshoreally?

Customer service

Today, many people are too busy working two jobs or running various businesses. At offshoreally, we know that and that’s why we have a team of specialists who are ready to answer your questions 24/7. We have a friendly team that you can access online and via phone. We ensure that you are free from any headaches that may arise from any of our services.

Flexible prices

Who doesn’t love to save? We at offshoreally already know this and that’s why we have put in place various discounts to our hosting plans. Furthermore, most of the plans are fairly priced.

Technical support

You do not need any technical background to own a website. When it comes to hosting services provided by offshoreally, we give you maximum technical support so you can focus on your business. Our trained staff members know very well how it’s difficult for most people to handle technical problems. They are online 24/7 and no matter which country you are, you can be assisted at any time.


Offshoreally is a mid sized company trying to help people with web hosting solutions at very affordable prices. We have a wide range of customers from across the world. Most of our customers are satisfied with our services and even recommend us to others.